Chart Your Progress

How will it be measured?

Each participant will develop at his or her own rate consistent with his or her personal spiritual path. Individual improvements will be measured using standard industry tests including the Self-Compassion Scale (Neff, 2003).

What will change?

Many participants have noticed changes in the areas below:




Perception | You will change your misperceptions.
  • Understanding the (misguided) loving intentions of your inner critic
  • Challenging your false beliefs about the value of self-criticism
Automatic Thought Patterns | You will consciously choose your thoughts.
  • Recognizing that your ego mind is always wanting “more”, “better”, “bigger”, and is “never satisfied” for long
  • Disengaging from comparing yourself to others by honoring your unique experience of life
  • Smiling at the endless stream of automatic thoughts of “like” and “dislike
Self-Criticism | You will increase your self-compassion.
  • Practicing non-judgmental discernment of short comings in yourself and others
  • Recognizing and welcoming your own unacknowledged feelings and needs
  • Noticing that self-kindness leads to greater self-honesty
  • Noticing that self-compassion creates greater freedom to take proactive risks
  • Understanding the difference between self-compassion and self-indulgence
  • Accepting the fact that we learn and progress through mistakes
  • Reducing patterns of blaming and punishing of yourself and others
Stress Response | You will calm your response to stressful situations.
  • Less depression and anxiety through dissolving the tight knot of self-judgment
  • Reducing stress and wariness through learning self-calming skills
Self-Identification | You will focus on your interconnectedness with others.
  • Noticing a shift from knowing yourself as a separate individual to sensing that you are the Universe expressing itself as YOU for a little while
  • A dissipating sense of isolation knowing that we all have painful moments in life
  • A strengthened sense of interconnectedness and desire to be of service to all living beings