The specific purpose for this intention is to recognize that the space-time aspect of our earthworld is presently stuck in an egocentric worldview of separation.

The basic ego fear that "I am not enough" leads to questioning our self-worth. We judge our worthiness by comparing ourselves to others and competing with others while chasing unobtainable standards of perfection.

Such self-judgment and judgments of others make us feel alone, isolated and separate from others. The purpose of this particular intention is to strengthen with a compassionate heart our experience of a shared humanity.

While recognizing the uniqueness of each human being we deeply acknowledge our common bond.

All human beings are indivisible and interdependent parts of the Eternal Being and therefore ARE the infinite perfection of all creation.

By shifting from identification with our limited form to knowing ourselves as Eternal Being, we dissolve our ego-centric feelings of unworthiness, isolation and being separate.

Knowing ourselves as "All That Is" spontaneously gives rise to kindness, compassion and acceptance for both self and others.

Let there be a strong shift from our egocentric focus on the individual self towards knowing ourselves as part of the Eternal Being  - in service of all living species.

*NOTE:* The statement above is a portion of the intention. Words and thoughts are frequency carriers. We have included the core of the healing intention, above to give you a sense for the high frequency energetic transmission which will be assisting you in a way that is consistent with your own spiritual path. Additional phrases will be used to ensure the energetic focus is maintained.