How It Works

How is this study different?

The Self-Compassion Intention study merges three fields: psychology, physics and psychoenergetics (the impact of energy on matter).   It explores how the transmission of energy to the subconscious can result in measurable, rapid and permanent change.

What is the basic construct?

During the study, our team will broadcast with the Intention Host Device the concept of interconnectedness to participants using  our intention statement.  This message due to its nature contains energy. Participants will absorb this energy into their “higher” self: a mental, emotional and spiritual realm which is energy sensitive and energy conscious. The absorption of this energy in this “higher” self is integrated at a subconscious level. Because it occurs subconsciously, the energy is able to enter unobstructed, thus bypassing the conscious ego resistance.  The added energy increases internal momentum which enables changes to be more effective and permanent in participants. 

We use empirical measurements (using the Neff Scale) to ascertain if change was achieved. Base-line measurements will be administered multiple times over the period.